Testing Tips

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Hopefully you are visiting this page to find some ways you can help your student be more successful on their end of year tests. I am a parent, and have two who are sitting down to take part in the state testing, so I do understand. Here are some ideas that might help your child too.

  1. Get more sleep. Every person is more successful when they are rested and can think clearly. Start tonight. Don't wait til the night before. They won't want to go to bed, but trust me...they need to!! Just yesterday I had one snoring in first period.
  2. Don't feed them sugar for breakfast. Coffee or soda loaded down with sugar will give them a burst of energy, and then they will crash. I don't want them to be measured on their success when they can't focus half way through the test.
  3. Please know they have been well prepped and they have been exposed to strategies to help them make smart choices. Your kid has brillant tendencies, I see it all the time!
  4. Their high school classes will reflect their success or non-success on the tests. Their choices of electives will be influenced by their scores.
  5. Hearing you believe in them will make a difference, do whatever it takes to make them believe it!!! I hear stories everyday how my students have amazing lives. They are strong and have courage to stand up to the future of life and friends. Their world is so pressured. I try and make it a safe place in my classroom. Your attentiveness to them and even when they ignore you, keep asking questions.
  6. Last, I want to thank you for being a great parent. It is a tough job. Most days it might feel like a thankless job, but I see your efforts reflected in your child. Kindness counts. You have a kind and generous student. They are a joy. They make me laugh and love my job.