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It is a new day, new year and a last for my students. They will have many "lasts" over the next months, but we have so much to get accomplished before the last day of 8th grade.

Right now we are in part 2 of our study on The Holocaust. We are reading the novel Night, by Elie Wiesel and the students will be watching videos of survivors, of real accounts of the ghetto liberation, the concentration camps and studying the effects of this horrific event in our world's history.

We have many tests to accomplish and today was one of them. The PSAT test was taken by your smart student and when the results come back, we can see where their weak areas are and how to increase them in the next few years. The students understood the importance of the test with college looming ahead and financial aid being wanted my most.

Please be aware of the winter months we are having and keep sick, fevered and or coughing kids home, it does nothing but spread. Be diligent about the absentee policy and be careful not to over use it.

Grades are our checklist, so use Skyward to keep up with your child's grades and missing assignments.