College Awareness Week

November 13-17

Sponsored by AVID

Group Chalk


“It was fun, even though the freshmen came in last place.” Mica Crandall (9th grade)

“This was the best pep rally ever because it involved way more people and there was a build up all week.” Zach Evanoski (12th grade)

“It was above and beyond. I loved it, it was fun. Raider spirit! South Sumter Disney Land!” Wyatt Shaw (12th grade)

“It was fun, definitely. It was great to get everybody involved in AVID week. A lot of people participated.” Jillian Mears (10th grade)

“I’ve been sneezing blue chalk, but it was really fun!” Shayne Mead (11th grade)


Principal Quote:

“People achieve what they believe they can.  We want ALL students to be aware of the opportunities college affords and believe that with hard work comes great reward.  We know that the future success of these students will depend on some type of postsecondary education whether that is college, technical school, or military and it is our job to prepare them.” Christina McKinney


Relay events:

The team had to work their way through a hula-hoop while holding hands

They had to balance the text book on their head while walking

They had to unscramble the sentence (Raiders achieve what they believe- which is this year’s school motto)

They had to work out a math problem

Eat a donut off of a string

Put together a puzzle that was their college’s logo- Seniors were red for Harvard, Juniors were blue for Yale, Sophomores were green for Dartmouth, and Freshmen were orange for Princeton (The college logo’s are on the attached flyer)


Freshman Team Sophomore Team

Junior Team Senior Team

Wyatt pieing Principal McKinney Desarae and Garrett Jessica Emily Chantel and Eliazar

Brittnay and Megan Bailey Elizabeth and Courtney