Got Sneakers

Got Sneakers?


The Lady Cats have teamed up with an organization called GOTSNEAKERS?, to help get needed footwear to 3rd world countries. We will be hosting a drive to collect used old sneakers that will be refurbished by this company and shipped to needy people across the world. We will have donation boxes in the front office and the gym starting on January 7th 2019. The Lady Cats will also receive a donation from the company for our participation. So now that you got those new sneakers for Christmas, please bring all your old used sneakers to WMHS! The Lady Cats need your help to reach their goal of 2000 pairs of donated sneakers. We will be collecting donations until March 1st. We have collection boxes set up in the front office and in the gym.

The Lady Cats want to thank you in advance for your donations!