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Sumter County 3rd Grade ELA Scores Shine Bright


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Press Release


Date:                     June 24, 2021

Contact:               Jessica Christian, K-12 Curriculum Specialist



Re:  3rd grade FSA scores


Sumter County 3rd grade ELA scores shine bright


Who makes reading learning gains during a worldwide pandemic? Sumter County certainly does!


COVID brought many changes to our school system over the past year: masks, quarantines, thermometers for daily temperature checks, countless gallons of hand sanitizer, Plexiglas partitions, the six-feet apart rule, distance learning, and, the infamous, “You’re on mute” during TEAMS calls. While this was impactful, the students and teachers in Sumter County remained dedicated to having a successful year.


The students in Sumter County were focused on their academic growth and proficiency, in spite of the unique challenges with COVID.


Sumter County teachers did what they do best. They provided intentional, consistent, rigorous, and impactful learning opportunities for all of their students – both face-to-face and virtually. Ultimately, our teachers showed up for our students every single day!


And, boy, did Sumter County students show up! 


This week, the state released the 3rd grade Florida Standards Assessment English Language Arts (FSA ELA) results. Sumter County is one of only four districts in the state to demonstrate an improvement in their 3rd grade proficiency scores. The 2021 state average for 3rd grade FSA ELA is 54%; Sumter County’s 2021 3rd grade overall proficiency is 68%! That’s up 2% from our 2019 3rd grade ELA results.


Sumter School Superintendent Rick Shirley commented, “We are proud of our students and staff at all levels who worked tirelessly to keep students on track during one of the toughest years in my educational career – and we are appreciative of parents who pitched in and helped. Additionally, we have to thank our school board who supported staff proposals and trusted us all to do the right thing.”


Our students, teachers, and administrators worked diligently for this tremendous accomplishment and we could not be prouder!