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Distance Learning / Technical Support Hotline

Each school has enabled a Hot Line  to assist students with Distance Learning Issues which include technical support.

Please call your school of record to begin the technical support process which includes phone support and possibly remote assistance.


Remote Assistance

Whenever possible remote assistance is the best option for a computer that has connectivity and connected to a home or school network.

                We can only remote to a computer that can open Teams in the Office 365 portal or a computer that can receive student e-mail.

On-Site Repair

Starting Tuesday March 24th there will be two Tech Support Centers open for Students to get help for computers that cannot be resolved remotely.

If the computer needs to be turned in or fixed by a technician, the student will need to bring their computer to either the County Office or WMH tech center.

                Do not take your computer to your school as there is no school based technical support.


We are trying to maintain social distancing guidelines so cannot have more than 1 student/family in the tech area at once.

When you arrive at either site, you will sign in by calling the number posted at the site and remain in your vehicle.

The technician assisting you will call your cell phone when they are ready for you to bring your computer in.

Login and password issues can be resolved immediately.

All other issues will require the computer to be left and picked up when notified that repairs are completed.


After Hours Support

After hours phone technical support for students is availble from 4:00 to 7:00pm by calling 793-3942. During normal school hours please call your assigned school as this number is only for after hours support.