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Jr. LEGO League Robotics Expo

2680 West County Road 476
Bushnell, Florida  33513

Press Release

From:  Colleen Strickland, Curriculum Supervisor

Date:  February 1, 2019

Subject:  Jr. LEGO League Robotics Expo


Elementary students in Sumter completed “Mission Moon” for the FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. EXPO held at South Sumter High School.   In “Mission Moon”, one hundred forty-four Sumter students explored how to build a moon base and what would be needed to live on the moon.  Students researched ways to get energy, air and water on the moon.  Teams designed and built a Moon Base using the LEGO rocket ship and other elements from an inspire set.  They used coding software to build and program at least one motorized part on the Moon Base and shared how they solved the challenge of getting energy, water and air on the moon.  As they worked, they learned basic engineering and programming skills with LEGO Education WeDO and applied those concepts to make their model move.   Teams also documented their work in an Engineering Notebook and shared their journey through a team Show Me Poster.  Throughout the experience, teams operated under the FIRST LEGO League Jr. Core Values; celebrating discovery, teamwork and Gracious Professionalism.   

Sumter County Schools received funding to bring this program to elementary schools through the United States Foundation for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST).  Teams from each of Sumter’s elementary schools participated in the twelve-week program with the encouragement and support of their teacher coaches.  Superintendent, Richard A. Shirley said, “What a great opportunity for our students to learn “outside the box” with a live, hands-on experience!” Coaches for this season were Tiffany Ward, Megen Holt, Igdalia Llantin, Laura Gorham, Kali Reynolds, Stephen Rockey, Rosemary Wojnarowski, Ashley Davin, Amanda Taylor, Deserae Williams, Jennifer Stephens, Darlene Lanham, Jacqueline Hart, Paige Rotarius, Sandra Miraglia, Amanda Smith, and Katherine Palazzo.   During the Expo teams shared their Moon base solutions with other teams and with Reviewers who assigned awards.  Teams also rotated through STEM stations completing exciting tasks like Marshmallow Tower, Cup Stack, Marble Run and Alarm Your Pencil Box.  Teams were celebrated with individual awards highlighting achievements of each team as they ran through a high-five line.   The district will host another Expo with a new group of students in the spring.   The challenge will be Mission Moon! Check out our Expo video here:


All Expo pictures:

Moon Masters

Team Moon Masters’ project and show me board

Moon Travelers

Team Moon Travelers’ project and show me board

Teams competing

Teams completing STEM Challenges

Team Moon Survivors

Team Moon Survivors Building a Windmill Challenge

Team Lego of my Moon

Team LEGO My Moon ready to share their project with reviewers

BES Rocket Boys

BES Rocket Boys completing the Basketball STEM challenge

Space Grazers

Space Gazers working on the cup stacking challenge

Team Moon Monsters

Team Moon Monsters sharing their project with reviewers

Space Pros

Space Pros project