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Student Device Repair Insurance Program


Pending Board Approval the District intends to offer a Student Device Repair Insurance Program for laptops assigned to students. See details below.


Student Device Repair Insurance


The District offers a Digital 1:1 insurance plan for District owned devices that are checked out by students for use at home and school. Program participation is voluntary and is meant to minimize the financial cost to parents or guardians associated with repair cost as a result of a damaged computer. The repair cost are listed in the table below.


The non-refundable enrollment premium of $25 is due annually at the beginning of each school year. For each repair incident an additional copay is required.


Replacement / Repair Costs


        Parents/Guardians/Students will not be liable for manufacturer device defects that are covered by the device warranty.


Eligible Student 1:1 Devices (that are property of the District) and their respective book value and replacement costs are listed below. Laptop replacement cost will be pro-rated at the same rate as the depreciation rate of 20% per year. The cost to repair a broken screen, keyboard or replace a lost power supply is not depreciated based on the age of the laptop.

Device Model

Device Book Value – Cost for Lost or Stolen


Device determined not economical to repair

Replace Cracked or Broken Screen

Replace Broken Keyboard

Reconfiguration of device software or Replacement of Property Decal due to removal or misuse

Replacement cost for the Power Adapter / cord

HP x360 No Insurance







HP x360 With Insurance








      Due to Manufacturer warranty restrictions, most repairs will be performed by HP.  The District reserves the right to identify the device as “not economical to repair” based on the cost, labor and age of the device.