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One Hundred Telescope Project

2680 West County Road 476
Bushnell, Florida  33513

Press Release

From:  Colleen Strickland, Coordinator 6-12 Curriculum

Date:  February 10, 2021

Subject:  One Hundred Telescope Project


Sumter students are aiming for the stars, and Phil Rosenberg is passionate about inspiring students to rise even higher!  Mr. Rosenberg, of Weirsdale, is donating telescopes for students to use through his “One Hundred Telescopes Project.” He donated two more telescopes this week to Bushnell Elementary School and Webster Elementary School, making his fifth donation to Sumter District Schools.  Each telescope is given a name, and the telescopes donated this week are in honor of Michele USS and Pastor Drew Willard. “The idea is to create an environment where every child gets to say ‘Wow,” Rosenberg told Coordinator of 6-12 Curriculum, Colleen Strickland.  During the school presentations, he demonstrated how to use the Celestron Nexstar 4SE Maksutov telescope and showed the students the photos he took with his telescope from his own observatory, which he invited teachers and their students to visit. Superintendent Richard A. Shirley said, “We are so thankful for the Rosenberg family for the donation and Mrs. Moss for helping coordinate this wonderful gift. The students will probably be forever interested in astronomy because of this donation.” To show appreciation, the students of Bushnell Elementary and Webster Elementary wrote 100 thank you cards and posted them to the wall to share the excitement. Students also shared original pieces of poetry with an astronomy theme during the presentation. Every student received a book to add to their personal library provided by Title IV funds and Suncoast for Kids. School Board member, Sally Moss, gave each child a laminated solar system bookmark to go with their book. She said, “These telescopes will help the students discover a whole new world, that right now, they only see as sparkling diamonds in the night sky. Tomorrow, they could be using these stars to navigate through Space.”

 As the students and teachers learned what they can do with the new instrument, such as look at the sun with a special solar filter or look at the moon during daylight, he encouraged them to utilize the telescope to inspire others. This is the first telescope these schools have received and the science teachers will use it to teach lessons with their students. Two books authored by Mr. Rosenberg were also donated to the school media centers. “The main idea is to inspire kids to learn something we’re forgetting in our culture, which is how to dream and use your imagination,” said Mr. Rosenberg.


01-	Giselle Garcia

Giselle Garcia-Webster Elementary looking through the telescope

02-	Kaidyn Vinson

Kaidyn Vinson-Webster Elementary looking through the telescope


Izaha Uber-Webster Elementary looking through the telescope

principal and board member and teacher

Webster Elementary Brooke Shea, Phil Rosenberg, Sally Moss, Joella Strickland

picture of telescope


Bushnell Elementary Principal, Board Member and Donor with the telescope

Bushnell Elementary Phil Rosenberg, Sally Moss, Kelly Goodwin