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Florida Education Impact Survey

From: Chancellor of Public Schools <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2020 1:57 PM
Subject: Florida Education Impact Survey


Good afternoon Superintendents:


Thank you for contacting me in regards to the Florida Education Impact Survey and the link not being able to be forwarded. We are excited about the response we’ve received so far and are very interested in getting even more input from parents, teachers and education leaders about the response to COVID-19. Please forward the message and link below and encourage your education community to help us move forward as we work to ensure Florida continues to provide a high quality education for every student.

The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) has launched a vitally important education impact survey for Florida educators and parents to share their thoughts and opinions on recent crisis response from the Florida Department of Education, their local school district, and their school. This feedback will help us achieve our number one goal of keeping Florida’s students safe while ensuring they continue to receive the best education in the nation.

This short, 2-minute survey, is intended to be completed by parents, educators and students throughout Florida to include and incorporate their opinions on the next steps for education due to COVID-19.

This survey does not request any personal information and your answers will remain strictly anonymous.

Please help FDOE by sharing your opinion on how to move forward, together, to mitigate the spread and to reach out number one goal – ensuring Florida students continue to receive a great education.


Access the survey here.


To participate in the survey, please use the link above. If you were forwarded a link to the survey from another source, you will not be able to participate.



Jacob Oliva

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