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Hour of Code

2680 West County Road 476
Bushnell, Florida  33513

Press Release

From:  Colleen Strickland, Curriculum Supervisor

Date:  December 7, 2018

Subject:  Hour of Code


School Superintendent Rick Shirley and his STEM Advisory team challenged every school in the district to host an Hour of Code™ during Computer Science Education Week December 3-7, 2018. The Hour of Code™ is a one-hour coding challenge that gives students a fun first introduction to computer science and has become a global learning event, celebration and awareness event.   Students in Sumter created their own apps and games using tutorials such as Katy Perry’s Dance Party, MineCraft, Star Wars, The Grinch:Saving Christmas with Code and many more popular titles!


This year more than 4,700 students from all grades in Sumter completed nearly 7,000 hours of Code.   The district’s One-to-One laptop implementation in grades 2-12 made it even easier to get more students involved in the challenge.  Computer Science is foundational and every 21st-century student should have the opportunity to learn how to create technology.  The basics of Computer Science help nurture creativity and problem-solving skills, and prepare students for any future career.   Teachers and students agree coding is a great way to learn conceptual and computational skills.   Christina Smith, teacher at Webster Elementary said, “My class completed 22 hours of code.  Dance Party was a huge hit! Love the smiles on student faces.” Students at South Sumter Middle School dressed as “Coding Heroes” and enjoyed other themed days throughout the week.  Computer Science was also included in the English Language Arts classrooms as students read articles about automation in industry and participated in academic discussions using Philosophical Chairs.   Joeseph Scofield, fourth grader at Webster Elementary said, “I liked the Hour of Code™ so much that I went home and checked to see if I could play it on my computer. I can!  I played Dance Party!”  Superintendent Rick Shirley said, “This was a great opportunity for students and teachers to try computer science for one hour.   I encourage families to continue the learning by completing another one of the tutorials at home. Anyone can participate and continue the learning beyond the classroom.  Try one of the tutorials at”


Computing occupations are the fastest-growing, best paying and now the largest sector of all new wages in the US.  Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed.  Samantha Vaughan, Bushnell Elementary student said, “We were working on a fun game where we had to solve problems and code.  It was like a puzzle.  We had to figure out how to put things together to make the coding work.” Her partner in coding William McKinght said, “I liked how it challenged me.  It made my brain think.  I was able to learn from my mistakes when I coded the wrong way and found easier ways to solve the coding puzzles.  It was a lot of fun!”


Computer Science opportunities continue to expand in Sumter schools!  Advanced Placement Computer Science Principals is offered at both South Sumter High School and Wildwood Middle High School.  During the Hour of Code™ students in the course shared their coding projects with other classes in the school.   As a result more students have asked to be scheduled in the AP Computer Science Principals course.   Discoveries in Computer Science is a new course available to middle school students at South Sumter Middle School and Wildwood Middle High School.   Teachers of both programs have had extensive training through and College Board in implementing these courses.  The Hour of Code™ is a component of the district’s STEM Vision plan to continue to incorporate new and innovative opportunities for students. 


Samantha Vaughn and William McKnight of Bushnell Elementary

two students sharing a computer and working on code









Bushnell Elementary Student Coding



Student working on computer writing code












Code Coding Super Hero- South Sumter Middle



Student wearing Cape












SSMS Coding Hero




tow student coding heros











Students with Certificates


students with certificates












Wildwood Elementary- When the Code Works!


student is excited that her code works












2nd Grade Webster Elementary

four students working on computers writing code








AP Computer Science Explaining Bubble Algorithm

student explaining algorithim







Kindergartener giving thumbs up with his code

Kindergarten student giving thumbs up after writing his code








Wildwood Elementary 4th Graders working on the code

Fourth grade student working on his code












Webster Elementary Mrs. Smith’s Class

Students sitting at a table writing code