Mrs. Dewey

Phone: (352) 793-3501


Degrees and Certifications:

Masters of Arts in Elementary EducationBachelor of Arts in Business with a minor in Elementary Ed, Secondary Ed and HistoryI hold a Principalship Endorsement as well asa reading endorsement.

Mrs. Dewey


I am very excited to have your child in my class!

This year will be a fun and challenging experience for all involved.

First, let me tell you a little about myself. I was born and raised in the Dade City area (Mother’s family is from Florida and Father’s from Alabama). I attended college at UF where I obtained a Bachelor’s degree and USF where I .completed a Master’s degree. I taught in the classroom (grades K,1,5, and 6) for ten years and then went into administration for seven years and now I have decided to return to the classroom again to work more directly with students! I have been happily married for over 30 years to my husband, who also works in education. I have two wonderful children who have both graduated college and left our nest. I hope your child loves learning with me this year and I look forward to getting to know more about him/her and your family.

In our class we will be focusing on many skills; Phonics, Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies and character development. I expect your child to do their very best in all areas. Our daily schedule is very busy and it is extremely important that your child is present and on time to school each and every day. It will be difficult for them to catch up what they have missed and keep up with what is being covered currently at the same time so please make every effort to have them to school no later than 8:00am each morning. Please send a note for absences when you send your child back to school and try to do make-up work within two to three days, so your child does not get behind in class.

Lastly, Your child will have nightly homework assignments. Having your child complete and turn in homework daily will aide in reinforcement and retention of the new concepts we are learning in class. Homework is just as important as daily attendance- so PLEASE do it! Together, I feel confident that we will help your child have a wonderful and successful year!


  • Youtube Videos to watch regularly!

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 3/23/2019

    These are wonderful videos for your child to learning from on a daily basis:

    Alpha Blocks

    Jack Hartman Reading and Math Videos 

    ABC mouse learning academy

    Learning Time Fun

    KidsTV 123 - reading machine

    Reading Between the Lions (full episodes)

    Wild Kratts animal features cartoons


    For Fun.....
    Go Noodle
    Brain Breaks

    The Learning Station

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    Posted by Terri Dewey on 3/23/2019

    Reading & Math Terrific site!

    Parents- please use her resources to teach your child at home.....This is a great sight for reading and math!!!

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  • Fun Learning Site

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 1/21/2019
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  • Be Sure to Check out the NEW Resources Page!

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 9/23/2018

    I have added a resources page with LOTS of printable games and activities.  Please use it as much as possible- all the activities are connected to student standards - and they will be fun for you and your child to do together at home!

    The link is on the left side of this webpage.....and for on-line fun go to the web links located in the same place    ;)

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  • Great Electronic Learning Resources!

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 8/26/2018

    Hi all....this looks like a good list of apps.....thought you might wantto check the free ones out....happy reading!

    Another good learning resource is "Reading Between the Lions" -it's a great video series!

    PBS kids is also a great website for learning games.

    And, Starfall is terrific too - I use it at school.

    Playing is educational too <3

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  • High Frequency Word List

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 8/18/2018

    HFW List

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  • Math Help

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 10/2/2017
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  • AVID Binder

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 8/18/2017

    Hi All,

    Please keep you child's binder organized the way I have it.  I only have 20 minutes while they are at PE to stuff them and write you notes (I am up teaching and working with the kids the rest of the time) so I need to be able to flip right to the page or folder I need to access when I get to your child's binder.  They are all set up the same way:

    Planner open to the month we are currently in

    Choice/Communication folder - RED- everything we send back and forth from school and home goes in this folder - I will be looking in the red folder for notes or homework or anything else I think you might be sending me   ;0)

    Blue folder- this is for Resources (reading/writing) and study materials - use the things I put in here to help you study and practice this subject at home....keep your sight word list here so you don't loose it (I have limited copies and can't send you a new one each week   ;0)

    Each night take out the work and notes I send you in the communication folder and initial the planner for me.

    Also -Please don't put extra things in the notebook - it is very full and it is part of an organizational system we are trying to teach our students to help them be successful in life.  This organizational system will follow them all the way through highschool!

    Thank you for your support and assistance in this endeavour as I get used to it and learn the best method for me and the kids.....your understanding and patiences will be greatly appreciated   ;0)

    Mrs. Dewey

    PS: The colored dots on the planner indicate your child's behavior color at the end of the day.  They can move up and down the chart as they make good or poor choices.  These are the colors and their meanings.....

    Purple- Super Day (did everything expected with great attitude and help others and teacher)

    Blue- Great Day (did everything expected with great attitude and maybe helped someone)

    Green- Good Day (did everything expect with a good attitude - may have been reminded of a rule or two)

    Yellow- Rough Day (did not follow directions/rules several times - may have poor attitude, as well)

    Red- Bad Day (did not follow directions/rules repeatedly and/or was mean to others, possibly poor attitude)

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  • Coding Websites to Check Out.....

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 12/6/2016

    Here are a few coding websites that are worth checking out:


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  • Florida Achieve's Website

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 11/30/2016

    Hi is a website you might want to check out:
    Mrs. Dewey   ;0)

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  • Moby Max - Check it out - we will be using this at school too!

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 11/11/2016

    We have a great on-line resource available to us....PLEASE check it out!

    The kids usernames are just their first name -mine: terri
    The password is: 123

    They should be focusing on reading and mathskills ;0)

    Here is How to Sign In-
    Use one or all three easy options.

    Option 1: Select School
    Have your students go
    and then select their school.

    Option 2: School Code
    Have your students go
    and enter in the school code: fl663

    Option 3: Unique School URL
    Have your students go to the unique school
    and then bookmark the page or put this link onyour school webpage.

    This one you can use all the way through 6th-7th grade!!!!

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  • Pumpkin Book Report Project

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 10/26/2016

    Hi all........

    I am attaching the book report materials for those asking for extra copies below.

    The report only requires a few kindergarten level sentences - look at the rubric to see requirements for decorating your pumpkin and make this a fun project.....happy fall and happy learning......

    I hope you have fun decorating your pumpkins together!



    Pumpkin Report

    Book Report





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  • Read Works Passage

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 10/21/2016

    Here is this weeks Read Works Story.....


     Also...checkout this new website I found...I really like it for's called Zearn!

    our class code is : QY3R6H  the password is: math

    I set up an account for each of you....

    Usernames are:
















    I think the kids will like it and it is great practice for the math we are doing now!

    Have a great weekend!

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  • Sept. 15th....DOT Day!!!

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 9/15/2016

    Today is DOT Day!!!

    The kids enjoyed the story the DOT, the motion song and the regular song that goes with this book.


    We have read and talked about doing our best and trying when we have new challenges.  We also discussed the idea that a mistake (like a dot of paint dropped on a paper) can be turned into something positive.  We expanded this idea to saying we should make mistakes positive and even learn from them.

    The kids took a "dot" of paint and turned it into a picture today.  All the pictures will be made into a book...we will give it to Mrs. Goodwin  ;0)

    Here are the links to the book and songs:  or you can search for them on Youtube!







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  • Great Book List!

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 8/27/2016


    Good idea for gifts, stocking stuffers, library check out, book fair or just for fun!

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    Posted by Terri Dewey on 8/26/2016


    Super Reader App.....stories that teach sight words!

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  • 5 Very Beneficial Games to Play with Your Child while Shopping!.

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 4/3/2016


    Itis important to put a great deal of emphasis on early reading skills for children to be successfyl in school - especially with today's high stress on testing and performance.  You can help tremendiously through games and what most would likely see as chatter. Most people that pass you at the grocery store will think you're talking gibberish to your kids, but they will love it! So, here are the games..... 

    I spy with first sound (pre-k—2nd). When they are very little play I spy with colors. You spy green and they find cucumbers, celery, peppers, etc. Once they make the connection of sounds in a beginning of the word to the rest of the word, it is the perfect game to play. If you are thinking of a cucumber, jsut state, “I spy with my little eye something that begins with the sound “k”. You’re not stating the letter. You make the sound. They will then guess cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, etc.


    Break it up - it's Phoneme Segmentation (k-2). This is a really big name for something very simple. Take a word like “cat” and break it into each of it’s sounds “c” “a” “t”. Your child now needs to tell you the word. Another example would be “boat” broken into “b” “oa” “t”. It’s just the sounds, no spelling. You can also take this a step further and ask your child to break the word into it’s sounds. So you’d give them the word “hat” and they would break the word into “h” “a” “t”.


    What do you know - Vocabulary Stairs (3 years – 9 years). The idea behind this game is that your child continues to grow their vocabulary no matter what their level is. For example, give your child an item like a grape and she has to describe it. She starts off by saying that it’s green. You ask what else? She says that it’s round. You ask what else again. She tells you that it grows in batches on a vine.


    Where does it go - Categories (preschool – 2nd). A large part of a child’s vocabulary development and even mathematic skills are determined by their ability to categorize items. A grocery store is an obvious place to categories items since the entire store is designed this way. Start by working on the difference between fruits and vegetables. The grocery store is also the perfect opportunity to talk to your kids about how the healthy, unprocessed foods surround the rest of the aisles in the grocery store. Your kids will begin to asks if something is healthy for them and this provides them with an opportunity to investigate and find out what is categorized as healthy.


    Rhyme Time (preschool – 1st). There’s a reason that Dr. Seuss stories are so beloved. Children love to be silly and rhyming is the perfect opportunity to create silly words. As we walk through the aisles you give a word and they come up with as many rhyming words as they can think of. Sometmes work on using only real words - no made up words.  If your child's not sure if the word is real, urge them to use it in a sentence so that the context of the sentence can show you if they really know what the word means.

    Make Learning Fun!

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  • Smarty Ants - reading practice that's fun!

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 3/1/2016

    Please check out the website"Smarty Ants"'s new for us here at school and is supposed to be FUN game based activities and it's Educational!!!

    The sign inname is the same as AR and Successmaker andthe password is the same but without the dashes(your child's is written on the paper I sent you).
    The kids tried it out in lab today and seemed to like it - so please make use of it at home ;0)

    Making Learning Fun!
    Mrs. Dewey

    Smarty Ants web address:

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  • 100th Day of School Projects for Kids

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 1/10/2016

    It’s that time of year again, the 100th day of school!  

    With the 100th day of school comes 100th day of school projects and homework assignments.  Are you racking your brain to find a creative but easy project to do with your child? Check out the ideas at this website:

    or maybe you like some of the ideas here in these images:


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  • General List of Kindergarten Need to Know Skills

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 1/6/2016

    Kindergarten Language Arts (includes reading, writing and oral language skills)

    • Left to right progression
    • Attentive listening
    • Rhyming words and sounds
    • Letter and sound association
    • Recognizing both upper and lowercase letters in random order
    • Introduction to KWL charts (see links for more information on these)
    • Understand the difference between authors and illustrators
    • Respond to stories through drawings
    • Combining drawing and writing
    • Articulation of words / polishing of speech
    • Retelling stories in proper sequence
    • Makes predictions about the outcome of a story
    • Refining active listening skills (eye contact, no distractions or disruptions)
    • Expression of complete thoughts using full sentences

    Kindergarten Math Skills and Concepts

    • Positioning (top, center, over, above, below etc)
    • Counting to 100
    • Counting by 5's and 10's
    • Sorting by colors, shapes etc.
    • Pattern recognition
    • Same, lesser and greater than
    • Ordering numbers 1 – 20
    • Writing numbers 1 – 20
    • Beginning addition and subtraction
    • Counting pennies
    • Identifying all coins
    • Measuring longer/shorter, heavier/lighter
    • Measuring with non-standard units
    • Introduction to graphs and interpretation
    • Time concepts: first, next and last
    • Telling time on digital and analog clocks (hour and half hour)

    Kindergarten Science Concepts

    • Living and non-living things
    • Sink and float
    • Weather and seasons
    • Recycling
    • Five senses and how you learn from them
    • Comparing objects and contrasting (cold/hot, light/heavy etc)
    • Plants and how they grow
    • Animals - various animals, their habitats, how they live etc.


    • Basic concepts of being healthy
    • Making good choices
    • Recognizing unhealthy and healthy foods
    • Understanding feelings
    • Personal hygiene and dental health basics
    • Personal responsibility for behaviors

    Social Science

    • Good citizenship characteristics
    • Flag and pledge
    • Introduction to economics: needs vs wants / goods and services
    • History basics: Influence of past on the present, customs and traditions
    • Concepts of time, locations, place and movement
    • Introductions to maps and globes
    • Similarities and differences among people
    • Cultural heritage through music, dance and literature


    Wow, now that's a list. Do you remember learning all of that in Kindergarten? Not me :)


    List developed by: Christin Sander

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  • Grab this App to help teach your child their Dolch/Sight Words!

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 1/6/2016


    Super Reader App.....stories that teach sight words!

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  • IXL Website - extra practice

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 11/5/2015

    I wanted to give all of you this website address for extra practice. It has all subjects listed by grade level (so you can use it for all your kids-any grade or subject).
    Just check on 1st grade reading or math and pick any one of the standards for your child to practice.
    Here it is:
    Mrs. Dewey

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  • Homework Site- Review this each week!

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 11/1/2015

    Hi all,
    Just a reminder that you can go on the reading books website and have your child do games and activities to reinforce the skills we are learning at school. I encourage you to have them do this every week....maybe on the weekends if you have too many weekday activities.
    The web address is:
    Their sign in is the same one they use at school for AR and Successmaker.......most of them have it memorized but I will send it home for you too! You do not put the dashes in the password on this site.


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  • Welcome.....please check in here too!

    Posted by Terri Dewey on 10/31/2015

    Hi parents,

       I know that I have only been sending messages through the Class Dojo so far but I am going to try to start using this class site as well.  I am hoping it has a place to post our class pictures and I will post some assignments and reminders too  ;0)

    I think you will be able to ask questions on here but they will not be private like Class Dojo- everyone will be able to see them.

    Hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable Halloween!

    Mrs. Dewey

    PS: I sent a reminder about the Flu mist - you MUST send in the permission slip if you want your child to receive the mist.  

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