Mrs. Jennifer Clayton


    1st Period - Digital Information Technology


    2nd Period -Digital Design 1


    3rd Period - Raider Time


    4th Period - Digital Information Technology 


    5th Period - Planning


    6th Period - Digital Information Technology 


    7th Period - Digital Design 1, 2, & 3 


    8th Period - Administrative Office Technology &

    Business Software Applications 



    OJT Cooperative Education Program

    The OJT Cooperative Education Program is a blend of classroom instruction and work-based experiences.  The classroom instruction may include seminars, workshops, guest speakers, and workforce skill development.


     Business Academy:

    Complete three Business Education Courses


    1) Digital Information Technology

    2) Administrative Office Technology

    3) Business Software Applications




    1) Digital Information Technology

    2) Digital Design 1

    3) Digital Design 2





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