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     Vision Statement


    The SSHS social studies department is committed to preparing students for college, career and civic life. We will engage all students in a rigorous, authentic and student-centered learning environment to help them become informed and responsible global citizens. We will provide our students with meaningful opportunities to analyze and discuss important political, geographical, economical, historical and social issues in our contemporary world. 


    If you will be a…

    You must sign up for…

    (graduation requirements)

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    (electives in Social Studies)


    (9th grader)

    No social studies courses required

    AP Human Geography*(1)


    (10th grader)

    World History (1)


    AP World History*(1)

    AP Human Geography*(1)


    (11th grader)

    United States History(1)


    AP United States History*(1)

    AP Psychology*(1)

    AP Human Geography *(1)


    (12th grader)

    American Government (0.5) and Economics with Financial Literacy(0.5)


    AP US Government & Politics*(0.5)

    and AP Macroeconomics*(0.5)

    AP Psychology*(1)

    AP Human Geography*(1)


    (1) – number in parenthesis indicates the number of credit hours students will receive upon successful completion of course
    *Indicates that this course is an AP course. The following recommended prerequisites should be considered before registering for an AP course:


    ·         Parent Signature on schedule card

    ·         Teacher Recommendation

    ·         Level 3 or higher on FSA ELA

    Upon entrance into an AP course, the student and their guardian will be required to sign the district AP Contract.