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Ms. Kimberly Moffitt

Welcome to Pre-AP English 2!  This semester our 10th grade Pre-AP Classes will be working on Rhetorical Moves and Argument while reading the class novel Animal Farm by George Orwell.  Then we will move on to the novel, A Christmas Carol by Dickens. How exciting! We will even visit the Orlando Shakespeare Theater in December to see a live production of A Christmas Carol. (Date:  December 12th) Field trip information will be sent home in November. 

Pre-AP English 2 is a challenging course where students work independently and collaboratively to improve their writing and analysis skills to help better prepare them for more rigorous courses of study and the Florida state test (BEST).  Various text will be used, such as: speeches, letters, non-fiction articles, fiction short stories, novels, and poetry. 

Along with our Pre-AP 2 curriculum, students will be responsible for Unit Vocabulary, which we will build throughout the year. Students will need to keep all vocabulary in a notecard binder or on a notecard ring. Unit tests will be given along with Mid-term tests and the final course exam.  Vocabulary is important to help build students' understanding and knowledge of the course content.

Other resources to help strengthen and build comprehension, analysis, and writing skills are Common Lit,  HMH Literature, and Avid Weekly.  All resources are computer based and student work can be found in the OneNote or on the current program website. 

Writing is a major portion of this curriculum and necessary for student success. At least 4-5 paragraphs and one essay will be assigned each grading period.  Paragraph assignments are worth 100 points and essays are worth 200 points

Academic Integrity:  This classroom promotes academic honesty and integrity.  Any student caught cheating on assignments, projects, or tests will receive an automatic zero and disciplinary action. This includes, but is not limited to copying another student's work, letting another student copy your work, plagiarism of any sort, and using unauthorized resources such as Chat GPT, Instagram, AI, or other websites. 

Bi-Weekly progress reports will be sent home via email after the first two weeks of each grading period. Checking grades each week will help with failure to lose points for late work.  As a reminder, all weekly assignments are located on the TEAMS platform.  You may email me with specific questions and I will be sure to answer you in a timely manner. 

Phone Policy:  Students will not be allowed to use or access any cellular devices (phones, smart watches, earbuds) during instructional time. Phones will be allowed during class changes and lunches. 


Ms. Kimberly Moffitt

Extension:  82364

Other Activities: Orlando Shakes Experience Coordinator (10th Grade), Broadway Experience Coordinator, and  #sumteradventureseekers (International Summer Travel Coordinator)

Graduated:  SSHS in 1980
Attended:  University of South Florida - Go Bulls!!!

Degrees and Certifications:  BA in Business Education, Certification in Elementary Education, ESOL, and ELA 6-9

I have chosen teaching as a career because I believe that teaching is perhaps the most important function in our culture. I believe that teachers individually and collectively can not only change the world, but improve it.  I wanted to be part of this noble profession, and someday to be counted among teachers whom students find inspirational.  A teacher who teaches students to believe in themselves, reach for the stars, and take stock in their future.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" Gandhi