Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Jonathan Forrester


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from University of Tennessee

Masters in Math Education from Georgia State University

  About Me:

I have been teaching in Sumter County since 2011.  Started at South Sumter High and last year was my first year at Wildwood Middle High School.  I was promoted to Math Department Chair this year.  I teach all of the Geometry classes at WMHS.  However, I am well versed in all aspects of Algebra I, Liberal Arts Math, Math for College Algebra, and Algebra II as well.  I also started the AP Computer Science program at South Sumter High.


I am a Submarine Veteran (1974 – 1982).  I have visited over 14 different countries.  I have lived and worked in Japan so I am sensitive to other cultures.  I speak Japanese on a conversational level.

Before I was a teacher, I worked at Texas Instruments as a Software Design Engineer and also worked for Siemens Energy and Automation as a U.S. Product Manager and Marketing Manager.  I have worked at Agent Video Intelligence as a Sales Engineer and as Vice-President of Marketing at ALIVE Tech which was a 3-D Facial Recognition Company.  

I am married and have a daughter who is also a High School teacher in Marietta, GA.

·         Favorites:

Food:  Sukiyaki

Hobby:  Chess, Playing Guitar, and Martial Arts

Sport:  Sumo

Subject:  Any of the Natural Sciences

Color:  Lime Green

Book:  The Hobbitt

Movie:  Seven Samurai


·         Course Overview:


Geometry is the mathematical study of measurement, but it is also known for developing clear, logical reasoning and thought.  The purpose of this course is to develop the geometric relationships and deductive strategies that can be used to solve a variety of real-world and mathematical problems.  Geometry is a required course to graduate High School and has a state End of Course (EOC) test associated with it.  As such, it is always advisable to keep your grade up in class.


Vocabulary is an essential part of Geometry as well as the other math studies and as such, I give a vocabulary quiz every Thursday to ensure that students learn the vocabulary.