Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Charlie Breen



Welcome to AP and Dual Enrolllment Mathematics! I am the math department chair at South Sumter High School. I teach AP Precalculus, AP Calculus AB, MAT 1033 (dual enrollment) and AP Calculus BC.I have been teaching for eleven years and i have been teaching AP and DE for about 9 years. 


Why i became a teacher: I always tried to talk to my friends about math and they didnt want to discuss it, so i decided to take my positivity about math to a place where people had to listen and interact with me about math. I also tutored math when i was in college and felt that could help others understand this comlicated subject. 


Why i still teach: The world is always changing and i feel students/young people always need guidance to navigate the waters of the new world. I also enjoy teaching upper level math to students because math can be confusing at times. Its not always easy but getting students to enjoy the process of learning math and making them better math students gives them the boost they need in college. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and the most joy i get out of teaching is seeing students after they graduate college or start their career and them telling me that they have achieved what they talked about in my class. 


South Sumter is a great place for students to learn math, we have excellent programs and classes for all levels of students and we have great teachers who care about students learning the mathematics