Mr. Stephen Rockey

Phone: 793-1093 extension 61332


Degrees and Certifications:

BS Elementary Education-Concordia University-Texas MA Educational Administration and Leadership-Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Mr. Stephen Rockey

Welcome to Mr. Rockey's 2nd Grade Classroom 2018-2019

"Life is Great at the Lake"


Phone: (Voicemail only) 793-1093 extension 61332

      I am very excited to have the opportunity to teach your child this year. For those of you who do not know me, I have been teaching since 1983. I taught in a non-public Christian school for 25 years. During that time I taught in multi-grade classrooms for 12 years, single grade classrooms for 2 years, and was a school principal for 11 years.  I have been working for Sumter county elementary schools for the past 8 years.

      As a teacher, I work hard to teach each child in a way they can understand and master the materials on which we are working.  To facilitate this learning, it is imperative that you and I create a partnership, and we work together with your child.  This includes doing homework with your child, reading nightly with your child, and going over the graded papers with your child.

      In our classroom, your child will be a €œCamper at the Lake€ who is able to persevere through problems and solve reading and math problems using those using skills they have learned throughout the year. They will look for not just the correct answer, but

Why is this a correct answer?

How does this relate to other areas of reading, math and science?

They will also learn that many problems do not just have a correct answer, but that there may be multiple correct answers to a problem.


     I welcome volunteers, but also ask that you schedule your volunteer time with me.  That will give all parents/guardians/grandparents an equitable chance to assist in the classroom. (See below for a daily class schedule.)


     Your child will be educated in the areas of Reading, Language Arts, Writing, Math, Social Studies and Science. They will also go to computer lab and PE daily, and music once a week. For a complete list of standards, please visit our district website at  You may refer to the student handbook for grading information.

 Behavior Expectations

Our classroom abides by the school wide rules. They are:

  1. Stay on Task
  2. Obey Safety Rules
  3. Act Respectfuly
  4. Respect Others

     I will be using Class Dojo as behavior management. It is a computer based behavior system where students can earn points for positive behavior and have points deducted for poor behavior. Parents will be able to access this daily from home or on their smartphone. Emailed reports will be sent out on Friday€™s.

     Positive behavior rewards include: lunch with a friend, Osprey Wings, extra computer time and getting a prize from the treasure box.

     Poor behavior choice consequences include: warnings, note/phone call home, loss of priviledge and conduct forms.

     Any extreme behaviors such as violence, gross disrespect, foul language, fighting, etc. will receive and office referral.


     Homework is given out the first day of each week and will be due the first day of the next week.  (Usually goes out Monday, and returned the following Monday) This way, if a student has a busy week, they will have the weekend to complete the work. Your child is expected to complete his/her homework each week. Homework is graded and entered into the grade book each week.  Homework papers are returned on Friday with the other papers of the week.

     For Reading, your child will also be responsible for reading his/her library book each night so they can take at least 1 Accelerated Reader test a day.

     A spelling test will be given each week on Friday (Or the last day of the week).  Spelling words are attached to the front of the homework.

 Accelerated Reader Program (Library Book)

     Our school participates in the Accelerated Reader Program. Your child will go to the school library each day. Please make sure your child has read his/her book a minimum of two times. They will take a short quiz about the book the next day and exchange it for a new book. It is very important that you ask your child comprehension questions before, during, and after reading. This assesses whether or not your child understands what has been read. Such questions include:

  1. Who are the characters?
  2. What is the setting? (time and a place)
  3. How are the characters the same/different?
  4. How did the character change from the beginning to the end?
  5. What happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story?
  6. Is the story real or make believe?
  7. What kind of information did you learn from the book?
  8. What is another word for€¦(feast, for example)?


     I hope this helps answer some questions you may have about your child€™s school year. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about how to further help your child.

      You may contact me via email at:; or by phone at 793-1093 extension 61332. (Voicemail Only)

Ready for a great school year,

Mr. Rockey