• WES Music Program

    Students in grades K - 5 will attend general music throughout the school year. Music is life for everyone; the basic philosophy in our general music program is to develop music performance skills. During our class students are actively engaged in a variety of activities designed to help them develops skills with: musical instruments performances, singing voices, tonal and rhythmic abilities, listening skills, overall music theory and the integration of math, science and LA to music. All instruction and assessments are directly correlated with participation the Florida State Standards and the goals of our district.  


    Music participation reinforces team work, communication skills, and self-discipline. These skills will help you to be successful in school and in all aspects of your life.

    “Some people think music education is a privilege, but I think it’s essential to being human.”  Jewel
    Sunshines Onstage   
    TBA - 1st Grade Christmas Musical Presentation "A Bear-y Merry Holiday" for Parents

    WES Auditorium

    TBA -1st Grade Field Trip - Christmas Musical Presentation "A Bear-y Merry Holiday"  

    Hope Lutheran Church in The Villages

    TBA– Christmas Musical Presentation for School -  Holidays at Webster

    “North Pole Diaries” - WES Auditorium

     TBA – Christmas Musical Presentation for Parents -  Holidays at Webster

    “North Pole Diaries” - WES Auditorium

    Date and time pending - All County Concert - South Sumter High School
     TBA - Lake Sumter Honor Chorus - Southpointe Baptist Fellowship in Leesburgh 
    TBA - Musical Presentation for School - Spring Show
    "POP Hits" - WES Auditorium
    TBA - Musical presentation for Parents
    Spring Show -"POP Hits" - WES Auditorium 
  • Kids playing different musical instruments

    Sing or play melodic patterns by ear with support from the teacher.
    Sing part songs in an appropriate range, using proper vocal technique and maintaining pitch.
    Identify, aurally, selected instruments of the band and orchestra.
    Read with accuracy to support comprehension.
    - Read on text level
    - Read expressions on successive readings. 
     Performing Announcements
    Holidays at Webster : "North Pole Diaries"
    All County Concert
    Honor Chorus
    Spring Show