• We want all of our students to be ALL STAR readers!
    My hope is that we can instill the love of reading in each of our students.
    Our library houses over 15,000 books and we have access to all Accelerated Reader tests. 
    During the first few weeks of school, students will be taught the library rules, which will be reinforced throughout the year. Please review these rules with your child. With you and your child's help we can work together to keep great books available for all our children.
    • Always handle books carefully. Keep books away from water, food and drinks.  
    • Keep books safe from small children and pets.
    • Carry books in your book bag or use book hugs. 
    • Do not write or color in books.
    • Do not loan your books to others.
    • If you check it out, it's your responsibility to keep up with it.
    • Use paper or bookmarks to keep your place. Never put pencils or other objects in books, and never fold the covers back to save your place.
    • Return books and other materials on time so that others can use them.
    • Overdue notices will be printed as needed.If you lose or damage a book, it will be need to be paid for before more can be checked out.

    Check out policy:

    Students in good standing (with no fines or overdue books from any Sumter County School) may check out a book with an ID badge.  
    Using the media center is a privilege. Students will be taught library manners and proper use of media center materials, and will be expected to use responsibility in the care of books, computers, and other library items.
    Please feel free to visit or call if you have any concerns.
    Media Specialist: Mrs. Peacock
    Office Phone: 352-793-1093 
    Voicemail extension: 61220



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