Greetings from Guidance


    A picture of the world with children surrounding its entirety holding hands 


    I am Keri Strickland.  I am your child’s School Counselor.  You may see me at pick-up in the morning and afternoon and many other places all around campus.  I have the privilege of doing classroom guidance lessons in your child’s classroom once per month with a focus on cooperation and friendship skills.  I am also available for small group guidance in areas such as self-esteem, grief,friendship skills, and many other areas as the need arises.


    If you need assistance in an academic or social area for your child please feel free to call me anytime at793-3501 ext. 63231 or e-mail me at keri.strickland@sumter.k12.fl.us .


    I am so excited to serve the students at Bushnell Elementary School!