If you have any questions, please contact me at BES (793-3501) or email at david.christensen@sumter.k12.fl.us
    Here are some links to the songs for the Holiday performances.
    Kindergarten-2nd grade
    Hip Hop Reindeer (no changes)
    Decorate the tree (changing 2nd verse to be the same as the first - "What's a puppy doing there? It's really kind of cold. He's hanging out with reindeer there. He's really kinda bold!")
    Polar Puppy (no changes)
         Text as follows:
         (Verse 1) We wish you a merry Christmas (3x)
         And a happy new year
         Good tidings we bring
         To you and your kin
         Good tidings for Christmas
         And a happy new year
         (Verse 2)  Oh bring us some figgy pudding (3x)
         And a cup of good cheer
         Good tidings to you...
         (Verse 3)  We won't go until we get some (3x)
         So bring some out here!
         Good tidings to you...
         (Verse 4 - same as verse 1)
    I am sending info home with the students the week of August 15 with details of this opportunity.  A video that the kids are watching this week is of the event from 2012, where my daughter Karrah participated in her first of many Allstate events.  The link is:
    Here is a copy of the note that is shared with the families:
    We are preparing for auditions for the 4th and 5th graders who wish to audition for the AllState Elementary Chorus.  The practice exercises and songs will be posted here to help the students learn the tunes for the audition.  Visit often to practice often OR download them to your device.  We will make the audition recordings with the students the week of September 12 during school time.  I will make arrangements with the student's teacher(s) to accomplish the task.  No extra time after school will be needed.
    Here is the actual audition track to practice with.
    Here is the sheet music/lyrics for the two tunes that will be on the audition in September:
    Here is the file for a learning video to help learn Shake the Papaya Down part 1
    Here is part 2 for Shake the Papaya Down
    Here is the video for Done Nobis Pacem
    I will add a few more after the beginning of September as that is when the last music examples will be released.
    They will be similar to these:
    School year 2021-2022:  We are starting to prepare for a Spring Concert now!  We discovered that the outdoor performance was not only enjoyable, but safer for all those involved, singers and audience alike.  One challenge we discovered was we can't depend on a slide show for the lyrics (its just too bright), so we will have to do this the old fashioned way and MEMORIZE the lyrics!  With enough practice, it will be OK.
    K - 1st - 2nd grades
    Here is a link to an audio file that is just backup music minus singers.  This will help with memorization.
    Here are the latest videos to practice with:
    When You Eat a Chocolate Bunny:  https://vimeo.com/704245045/33cacfdb28
    Here are the old videos to help learn the lyrics and melody:
    3rd - 4th - 5th grades
    Here is a link to an audio file that is just backup music minus singers.  This will help with memorization.
    Here is the link for "Don't Stop Believin' ". 
    Here are links to the latest practice videos:
    Here are the old videos to help learn the lyrics and melody:
    Spring 2020 Distance Learning ideas
    At this time, we will share our music files here as in the past.  I will also include some websites that are related to our music learning OR may take you on a new creative journey.  Please bookmark this page for future and easy reference. 
    This is a good start for some Music Activities that you can accomplish at home during this exciting time.
    This was borrowed from the PMEA (Pennsylvania Music Educators Association) State Council for Teacher Training, Recruitment, and Retention.
    New 5/26!
    Here is a song that most of the younger students should remember: "My Aunt Came Back!"
    Enjoy! Don't forget the movements!
    Here is a Read-A-Loud titled "Too Much Tooting!"  It is a level 1.0.  It is worth 0.5 points.  The AR test number is: 105369.
    NEW 5/18!
    Here is a new song for everybody.  It's called "Tongo!" and it is from a part of the world called the Polynesian Islands.  Polynesia is in the Pacific Ocean.  The Islanders would sing this song as a call and response song to help them keep time while paddling their canoes from place to place or island to island.  Try singing this song or another song to help you keep time with your canoe paddling buddy the next time you are canoeing.  I bet you go faster and straighter!
    NEW 5/14!
    Here is a sing-a-long video of an oldie goldie "Down By The Bay."  Hit play and join in!  Make up your own rhyming lyrics!
    NEW 5/13!
    Here is a "Read-Aloud" on the book titled Jazzmatazz.  It is a level 1.5 in AR.
    NEW 5/12!
    Are you an iPad user?  Here are some great apps that can help spread the musical cheer!
    NEW 5/11!
    I found a place for some great music class ideas and explorations.  Check it out!
    NEW 4/28!
    Here is a link to a site filled with fun music activities. 
    Grab your bucket drum a couple of "sticks" and get ready.  Maybe even make some homemade instruments?!  An empty can filled with some beans can make a great shaker!  Stretch a few rubber bands over a small empty box for a substitute Guitar or Ukelele!  And then there's the empty toilet paper or paper towel roll covered with tissue paper or wax paper on one end (use a rubber band to hold it there) and you have a Kazoo!
    Lots of good stuff! 
                        Have fun! 
                                            Learn lots! 
                                                                Make Music!
    This site has a free section and a login section.  Choose the free section and click "local game" to proceed.
    This site will pick up where we left off in grades 2 through 5 about Music Instrument Families (remember the "Show and Tell" times 2nd and 3rd graders? Remember the "Tryout" days 4th and 5th graders?  Younger students (K-1) may enjoy this as well.
    PBS Kids has a section for music games and learning for students, probably our younger students (K-2).  Here Arthur and D.W., along with other recognizable PBS Kids characters (whom I will not try to name for fear of embarassment - Haha!) have clickable links for music fun.
    Little Kids Rock.com is a site geared for our older students, probably grade 3-5, where they can explore many different ways to learn music, learn music instruments, etc. 
    The top menu bar has options for "Learn a song", "Take a lesson", "Practice, and "News feed".  Explore through these locations and enjoy.  Having a music instrument handy helps (guitar, drums, keyboard, etc.), but there are a few that might not need an instrument.
    While the actual site is OK, there are songs or links that lead to other musical sites that might not be perfect for you and your family.  I would suggest supervision when using this site with your children so it meets your family values.

    General Information

    The classroom teachers have the assigned days and times that their class will visit the Music class for instruction.  Please consult your child's teacher's class and subject schedule for exact times.

    The students will perform in 2 formal concerts each year (Winter and Spring) along with a Veteran's Day event.  Those performance dates are posted on the BES Calendar.

    BES Students will have the opportunity to perform outside of BES with the FEMEA All-State Chorus (December and January), the Lake-Sumter Honor Chorus (end of Feb), and the Sumter County Music Festival (March).  The first two events are auditioned events, while the third is not.  Details will come home with the students for each of those events on how to participate.

    If you have any questions, please contact me at BES (793-3501) or email at david.christensen@sumter.k12.fl.us
    Winter Concerts were a success!
    "A Snack for Santa" and The Season of Light" all went exceptionally well.  Many former students who are now parents of children at BES had many positive reviews of their performances.  I certainly am pleased as well.  Keep up the great work!
    Lake-Sumter Honor Choir
    Our Guest Conductor, Mrs. Anka Pink from Orange County Schools, led the musicians through a wonderful performance on Friday, February 28.  The kids sang their hearts out and shared with the audience at Leesburg High School what it means to be a musician.  Thanks to Mrs. Goodwin for coming out to hear the students sing and play.
    Our awesome Student-Musicians
    Front row: Isaiah, Kaylah, Samantha
    Second row: Kylee, Carolina, Kennedy
    Hamming it up!  It was so easy for them!  Haha!
    Hams in action! It was so easy to have them
    make a silly face!  Haha!
    whole crew of Sumter student-musicians
    Here's the whole group of students from Sumter County at the event.
    Sumter County Music Festival
    Due to recent school closures, the annual Sumter County Music Festival will not be held this year.  :(
    Plans for next year's event will be announced at the beginning of the next school year.  Thanks to all of the students who were prepared and ready to share their musical light this year.
    Winter Concerts were a success!
    "A Snack for Santa" and The Season of Light" all went exceptionally well.  Many former students who are not parents of children at BES had many positive reviews of their performances.  I certainly am pleased as well.  Keep up the great work!
    Veterans Day Event at BES
    The 4th and 5th grade students sang their hearts out to the Veterans and their families in attendance at the Veterans Day Celebration.  Good times were had by all!  Pictures to follow soon.
    FEMEA All-State Chorus (and Regional Honor Chorus)
    The auditions have been recorded and sent to the judges for evaluation.  We have recieved word from the audition committee and unfortunately, none of the BES singing auditions submitted were selected for the Allstate choirs this year.  Please keep in mind that over 900 auditions are sent in and there are only around 200 spots available for singers, so competition in the audition process is high.  If you were not selected it does not mean you are a bad singer, it means that there were others that did the audition better than you this time.  We will have other opportunities for music activities outside of BES soon.
    Echo singing
    Students should play the recording, listen carefully, then try to sing it as an echo.  You may have to play the file many times.  If it does not play on your device, you may need to "right-click" on it, and choose a different playback mode.  If that doesn't work, go into the settings and find a different media player for the "default".  I choose "Windows Media Player" and it seems to work for me.
    Example 1
    Example 2
    Example 3
    Singing in a Round
    Students should sing "Are You Sleeping" as a round with me on the audition.  The student will start and I will begin when they reach "Brother John" in the lyrics.  We will sing without a piano accompaniment (a cappela).
    Here is a link to a Youtube Karaoke version of the song.
    (Start the song with a huge breath)
    The lyrics of the song are:
    Are you sleeping? 
    Are you sleeping?
    Brother John?  Brother John?
    (Huge Breath here)
    Morning Bells are ringing.
    Morning Bells are ringing.
    Ding, Dong, Ding.
    Ding, Dong, Ding.
    This is the version of America that we will use for future auditions.  Students should be well prepared on this piece of music.  The student will sing the song by themselves (a cappela) for the audition recording.
    (Start with a BIG breath)
    My country 'tis of thee
    sweet land of liberty
    (take a breath here)
    of thee I sing
    (take a BIG breath here)
    Land where my fathers died
    Land of the pilgrim's pride
    (take a breath here)
    from ev'ry mountainside
    let freedom ring
    Here is a good YouTube video to practice with
    We had 6 students perform in the Lake-Sumter Honor Choir.  They are:
    Front row:
    Danielle W.
    Kaylah K.
    Lola F.
    Back row:
    Joslynn K.
    Araceli B.
    Carolina R.
    Mrs. Goodwin (Our fearless leader!) on the right, and me on the left.
    The concert was Spectacular!  Thanks for Mrs. Goodwin for attending!  
    Picture of our musicians
    When I figure out how to rotate this image, I will...until then...sorry for the head turning!

    ***5th graders***
    The recorders will be passed out when we start having Music Class in the Fall.  Since we are dealing with tighter budgets this year, our Recorder book will be online.  You may print a copy of the pages for your convenience at home for home practice.  Students will make arrangements with their classroom teacher to take home the recorder for practice.   Remember the only places recorders should be heard are in the music room and at home.  Please don't play them in other places at school or the bus.
    Failure to bring their recorder on your Music Class day will result in a "0" for that days work, and will lower your grade for Music.  If you forget your recorder 2 or more times in a 9 week grading period, a note will be sent home on a "short form," letting the parents know about the missing recorder.  A lost recorder can be replaced for $5. 
    We are following the text "Recorder Karate".  Students will earn "Karate Belts" as a measure of progress.  The songs will be tested in class. 
    Here are some of the online links
    (this version plays past the end of the song as written so you will need to stop your player halfway through the song)
    Students will need to apply their music reading skills to the Black Belt song "Ode to Joy"
    Star Spangled Banner
    Should BES be asked in the future to sing the National Anthem, we will use this version for rehearsal and performance:
    Star Spangled Banner accompaniment version (We will use this version to sing along with)