• The classroom teachers have the assigned days and times that their class will visit the Music class for instruction.  Please consult your child's teacher's class and subject schedule for exact times.

    The students will perform in 2 formal concerts each year (Winter and Spring) along with a Veteran's Day event.  Those performance dates are posted on the BES Calendar.

    BES Students will have the opportunity to perform outside of BES with the FEMEA All-State Chorus (December and January), the Lake-Sumter Honor Chorus (end of Feb), and the Sumter County Music Festival (March).  The first two events are auditioned events, while the third is not.  Details will come home with the students for each of those events on how to participate.

    If you have any questions, please contact me at BES (793-3501) or email at david.christensen@sumter.k12.fl.us
    Winter Concerts were a success!
    "A Snack for Santa" and The Season of Light" all went exceptionally well.  Many former students who are not parents of children at BES had many positive reviews of their performances.  I certainly am pleased as well.  Keep up the great work!
    Lake-Sumter Honor Choir
    Students will be given the music to practice at home over the holidays.  When we return in January, we will practice once each week at school up until the event.  The music is on the CD shared with the students before the Holidays and on this website.  Download it to your device as you need it.
    The dates of this year's event is Friday, February 28, 2020.  The rehearsals are on Thursday, February 27 and Friday, February 28.
    Zum Gali Gali (part 2)
    Sumter County Music Festival
    The 4th and 5th grade student have had the info for this event shared with them in their homeroom class.  Students wishing to participate need to turn in the bottom portion of the info paper ASAP.  The students will practice at BES during the school day.  We will be singing and playing instruments for 3 songs and then joining together with the Middle and High School Musicians to sing in the Grand Finala, a Medley of songs from the movie Aladdin.  The event is Friday, March 20, 2020 and will be held at South Sumter High School.  The students will ride a bus to SSHS that afternoon to get some extra practice in.
    Winter Concerts were a success!
    "A Snack for Santa" and The Season of Light" all went exceptionally well.  Many former students who are not parents of children at BES had many positive reviews of their performances.  I certainly am pleased as well.  Keep up the great work!
    Veterans Day Event at BES
    The 4th and 5th grade students sang their hearts out to the Veterans and their families in attendance at the Veterans Day Celebration.  Good times were had by all!  Pictures to follow soon.
    FEMEA All-State Chorus (and Regional Honor Chorus)
    The auditions have been recorded and sent to the judges for evaluation.  We have recieved word from the audition committee and unfortunately, none of the BES singing auditions submitted were selected for the Allstate choirs this year.  Please keep in mind that over 900 auditions are sent in and there are only around 200 spots available for singers, so competition in the audition process is high.  If you were not selected it does not mean you are a bad singer, it means that there were others that did the audition better than you this time.  We will have other opportunities for music activities outside of BES soon.
    Echo singing
    Students should play the recording, listen carefully, then try to sing it as an echo.  You may have to play the file many times.  If it does not play on your device, you may need to "right-click" on it, and choose a different playback mode.  If that doesn't work, go into the settings and find a different media player for the "default".  I choose "Windows Media Player" and it seems to work for me.
    Example 1
    Example 2
    Example 3
    Singing in a Round
    Students should sing "Are You Sleeping" as a round with me on the audition.  The student will start and I will begin when they reach "Brother John" in the lyrics.  We will sing without a piano accompaniment (a cappela).
    Here is a link to a Youtube Karaoke version of the song.
    (Start the song with a huge breath)
    The lyrics of the song are:
    Are you sleeping? 
    Are you sleeping?
    Brother John?  Brother John?
    (Huge Breath here)
    Morning Bells are ringing.
    Morning Bells are ringing.
    Ding, Dong, Ding.
    Ding, Dong, Ding.
    This is the version of America that we will use for future auditions.  Students should be well prepared on this piece of music.  The student will sing the song by themselves (a cappela) for the audition recording.
    (Start with a BIG breath)
    My country 'tis of thee
    sweet land of liberty
    (take a breath here)
    of thee I sing
    (take a BIG breath here)
    Land where my fathers died
    Land of the pilgrim's pride
    (take a breath here)
    from ev'ry mountainside
    let freedom ring
    Here is a good YouTube video to practice with
    We had 6 students perform in the Lake-Sumter Honor Choir.  They are:
    Front row:
    Danielle W.
    Kaylah K.
    Lola F.
    Back row:
    Joslynn K.
    Araceli B.
    Carolina R.
    Mrs. Goodwin (Our fearless leader!) on the right, and me on the left.
    The concert was Spectacular!  Thanks for Mrs. Goodwin for attending!  
    Picture of our musicians
    When I figure out how to rotate this image, I will...until then...sorry for the head turning!

    ***5th graders***
    The recorders will be passed out when we start having Music Class in the Fall.  Since we are dealing with tighter budgets this year, our Recorder book will be online.  You may print a copy of the pages for your convenience at home for home practice.  Students will make arrangements with their classroom teacher to take home the recorder for practice.   Remember the only places recorders should be heard are in the music room and at home.  Please don't play them in other places at school or the bus.
    Failure to bring their recorder on your Music Class day will result in a "0" for that days work, and will lower your grade for Music.  If you forget your recorder 2 or more times in a 9 week grading period, a note will be sent home on a "short form," letting the parents know about the missing recorder.  A lost recorder can be replaced for $5. 
    We are following the text "Recorder Karate".  Students will earn "Karate Belts" as a measure of progress.  The songs will be tested in class. 
    Here are some of the online links
    (this version plays past the end of the song as written so you will need to stop your player halfway through the song)
    Students will need to apply their music reading skills to the Black Belt song "Ode to Joy"
    Star Spangled Banner
    Should BES be asked in the future to sing the National Anthem, we will use this version for rehearsal and performance:
    Star Spangled Banner accompaniment version (We will use this version to sing along with)