• The classroom teachers have the assigned days and times that their class will visit the Music class for instruction.  Please consult your child's teacher's class and subject schedule for exact times.

    If you have any questions, please contact me at BES (793-3501) or email at david.christensen@sumter.k12.fl.us
    Spring Concerts
    Our Spring performances are coming soon.  They are as follows:
    Kindergarten: Monday, May 20.
    1st grade: Tuesday, May 21
    2nd grade: Wednesday, May 22
    3rd grade: Thursday, May 23
    4th grade: Friday, May 24
    5th grade: Friday, May 31
    Each of the performances will follow that grade level's Awards Ceremony.  The Awards Ceremony will begin at 8:30 and the Music performance should start around 9:15.
    The Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade student will perform music to go along with the book "The Day the Crayons Quit" and the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will perform music revue called "Everyday Superheroes".  Music lyrics and practice tracks will be posted soon.
    We had 6 students perform in the Lake-Sumter Honor Choir.  They are:
    Front row:
    Danielle W.
    Kaylah K.
    Lola F.
    Back row:
    Joslynn K.
    Araceli B.
    Carolina R.
    Mrs. Goodwin (Our fearless leader!) on the right, and me on the left.
    The concert was Spectacular!  Thanks for Mrs. Goodwin for attending!  
    Picture of our musicians
    When I figure out how to rotate this image, I will...until then...sorry for the head turning!

    Sumter County Music Festival
    This is right around the corner.  The performance will be Friday, March 22, 7:00pm at Wildwood Middle/High School Gymnatorium.  Our BES Musicians should arrive at 6pm to do a quick run through and sound check.  Those BES Musicians are:
    Araceli B.
    Priscilla C.
    Cole C.
    Lola F.
    Joslynn K.
    Ernest L.
    I sent home on Friday, January 18, the notice about this event.  If you would like to have your 4th or 5th grade student participate, please contact me at BES ASAP.  No auditions required, just the ability to bring your student musician to the event in Wildwood.  (793-3501)
    Winter Concerts
    WOWSA!  What a set of performances!  Thank you!  Thanks to the performers!  Thanks to the audience!  I had many comments from musically minded folks in attendance and I shared them with the students.
    There will be opportunities for Extra Music Participation outside of the BES area.  These include:
    All-State Chorus (January)
    Regional Honor Chorus (October)
    Christmas Caroling (Student Council members in December)
    Sumter County Music Festival (Usually March)
    Lake-Sumter Honor Chorus (Usually March)
    More info on these events will come forth...
    These Extra Music Participation opportunities are over and above our Concerts in the Winter and Spring, and our performance at our Veterans Day Celebration on campus at BES.  At the Concerts, ALL students will perform and for the Veterans Day event, only the 4th and 5th graders will be performing.
    All-State Chorus and Regional Honor Chorus
    The audition results for the All-State Choir have been announced and our own Kaylah K. (4th grade) was selected!  Congratulations!
    Students should be able to sing "Are You Sleeping", "America", and do some prepared echo singing.  The echo singing exercises will be posted here shortly.
    This is the version of America that we will use for future auditions.  Students should be well prepared on this piece of music.
    (Start with a big breath)
    My country 'tis of thee
    sweet land of liberty
    (take a breath here)
    of thee I sing
    (take a breath here)
    Land where my fathers died
    Land of the pilgrim's pride
    (take a breath here)
    from ev'ry mountainside
    let freedom ring
    Here is a good YouTube video to practice with
    Students should play the recording, listen carefully, then try to sing it as an echo.  You may have to play the file many times.  I made these as .wav files and used Internet Explorer and Windows MEdia Player to check the examples.  So far they work! (for me at least)  If you are having troubles, drop me an email and I will try to makes them into mp3 files.
    Students should sing "Are You Sleeping" as a round with me on the audition.  The student will start and I will begin when they reach "Brother John" in the lyrics.
    Here is a link to a Youtube Karaoke version of the song.
    Veterans Day
    The 4th and 5th grade students will be singing 2 songs in the BES Veterans Day event on campus on Friday, November 9, 2018, at 9am.  Please feel invited to visit the campus that morning to enjoy the event honoring our Veterans that are part of our BES family.
    The songs are "Thank You To Our Veterans" and "A Grateful Nation".  Below are links to the lyrics and mp3s to practice with at home.
    ***5th graders***
    The recorders will be passed out when we start having Music Class in the Fall.  Since we are dealing with tighter budgets this year, our Recorder book will be online.  You may print a copy of the pages for your convenience at home for home practice.  Students will make arrangements with their classroom teacher to take home the recorder for practice.   Remember the only places recorders should be heard are in the music room and at home.  Please don't play them in other places at school or the bus.
    Failure to bring their recorder on your Music Class day will result in a "0" for that days work, and will lower your grade for Music.  If you forget your recorder 2 or more times in a 9 week grading period, a note will be sent home on a "short form," letting the parents know about the missing recorder.  A lost recorder can be replaced for $5. 
    We are following the text "Recorder Karate".  Students will earn "Karate Belts" as a measure of progress.  The songs will be tested in class. 
    Here are some of the online links
    (this version plays past the end of the song as written so you will need to stop your player halfway through the song)
    Students will need to apply their music reading skills to the Black Belt song "Ode to Joy"
    Here are some leftover 2017-2018 news items:
    5th grade promotion song
    Here are links for home practice of the 5th grader's promotion song that will be sung at the ceremony by the 5th graders.
    Spring Concert at BES!
    The concerts were a huge success!  Great job by all!  AND we even added a page to our manuals of how to handle a Fire Alarm in the middle of a rainstorm!  Haha!
    4th and 5th Graders
    The Sumter County Music Festival was a great success!  A packed house enjoyed the music making of not only our students, but Elementary students at WES, WWES, and LPES, along with the student musicians from SSMS, WMHS, and SSHS.  Thanks and congratulations to the following performers:
    4th graders:
    Araceli B.
    Bailee M.
    Danielle W.
    Joslyn K.
    Kameron M.
    Cole C.
    Shelby J.
    Westin G.
    5th Graders:
    Rayne J.
    Gunnar C.
    Gabby T.
    Andrea T.
    Sky W.
    Kaitlynn R.
    Lake-Sumter Honor Chorus
    Congratulations to the following performers:
    Araceli B.
    Bailee M.
    Danielle W.
    James L.
    Rayne J.
    Taylor C.
    Tristen F.
    Gunnar C.
    What a performance it was!  AND Mrs. Goodwin stopped by for the event too!  She was amazed at the musical talents and hard work on display and could not believe that performance was only a result of a few hours of group rehearsal!
    Star Spangled Banner
    Should BES be asked in the future to sing the National Anthem, we will use this version for rehearsal and performance:
    Star Spangled Banner accompaniment version (We will use this version to sing along with)