•  Alpha Grades will be used in English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

    E, S, N, and U grades will be used for Physical Education, Music and Introduction to Computers.

    The following items shall be considered by the teachers and administration before a student is promoted to 6th grade:

    1. Make satisfactory progress (70% or better) in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science.
    2. Make satisfactory progress (70% or better) on school, district and state assessments.
    3. Make satisfactory progress (70% or better) in classroom work and home work.

    This means that a student is expected to get C’s (70% or better) in all their academic classes, as well as doing a majority of their homework and class work, and to score well on any assessments we have. 

    Past experience shows that students who have good attendance, try their best in class every day, and who do their homework every night are much more likely to score well on all of our major assessments.

    If you have any questions, please one of the 5th grade Teachers.