• Skyward Family Access is a web portal where students and guardians can review student progress from home, office, or mobile device. With Skyward Family Access, students and guardians have access to a variety of student information, such as attendance, grades, assignments, and student or family demographics. Student absence notifications can also be entered in Skyward Family Access.

      There is no need to wait until parent-teacher conferences. With this up-to-the-minute information, you can be a more proactive member of your child's educational team. Skyward Family Access provides access to staff e-mail addresses if you have a question or need an answer before a parent-teacher conference.

      Student and guardian user names and passwords are different. Guardians may pick-up user names and passwords at the front office during school hours. As a guardian, Skyward/Family Access password and user name will work for all children who live in your household, regardless of grade level or school of attendance.

      We welcome you to Skyward Family Access and hope you will find this application an important part of your ongoing relationship with South Sumter Middle School.