Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Eric Carson

Salve, quid novi? My name is Eric Carson, and I teach 10th Grade ELA (English/Language Arts), 9th Grade ELA, and 11th and 12th Grade Intensive Reading.  A little about me:

I graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s of Arts.  I double majored in English Literature and Latin/Greek Classics.  My focuses of study in English literature include antebellum American Literature (1800s, pre-Civil War), ancient British Literature (circa 1200-1616 C.E.), and  modern/postmodern American and British Literature (circa 1918+). 

I have also completed advanced study of Ancient Latin and Greek through my Classics degree, and particularly study Roman literature from the late Republic (~200 B.C.E.) to the mid-Empire (~350 C.E.) in the original Latin.

Teaching has been my goal and life plan since I was in high school myself, and I plan to work in education for my entire career.  There really are few things better in life than watching those “lightbulb” moments, and they drive me forward as an educator. 

I am currently happily engaged to my fiancé, and look forward to our wedding in mid-November.

I look forward to the new year with y’all! (and yes, linguistically that is a word