• Title I, Part A 


    Title I, Part A (TIPA) is the U.S. Department of Education’s largest K–12 grant program. It provides supplemental funding to help low-income schools improve the academic achievement of educationally disadvantaged students. 

    The District's 2020-21 2020-21 SCSB - Title I, Part A - Application

    The following schools receive TIPA funds and are categorized as Title I School-wide Schools. 


    Parents are invited to participate with the development, implementation, and evaluation of the Tile I Program, the Title I School-wide Plan, the school’s Parent and Family Engagement Plan (PFEP), and how the Parent and Family Engagement funds should be used. Please contact your child's school for a schedule of School Advisory Council (SAC) meetings, as the SAC serves as the TIPA Committee.

    Every school is required to have a Parent and Family Engagement Plan and Title I Schoolwide Plan. Title I Schoolwide Plans are embedded in School Improvement Plans (SIP). All plans can be accessed through the links below.

    The school district ensures the following required parent and family notifications are in a language that parents can read, a format they can access, and are delivered through a method that reaches parents. These notifictaions are distributed by individual schools.

    • Individual Student Assessment Reports
    • Annual Local Report Cards
    • Complaint Procedures - a parent’s right to ask about a teacher’s professional qualifications, including certification level, grade assignment, and endorsement for content area 
    • Four Week Rule Letters - when a child is taught or is planned to be taught for four consecutive weeks, by a teacher with a limited state teacher certification and/or licensure
    • Annual Title I, Part A meeting
    • School Parent Compacts
    • Written Parent and Family Engagement Policies
    • Title I, Part A Schoolwide Plan


    Resources for Families and Community Engagement

    September 2020 - FDOE Family and Community Engagement Team Update