Mr. Edward Napoleon



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Mr. Edward Napoleon


Mr. Napoleon, 

I currently live in Hernando County. I have a grown daughter living in Indianapolis who I’m very proud of for being a strong, intelligent woman. 

I was born in the Canal Zone, Republic of Panama. I came to the United States when my family settled in Florida in the ‘70s. I grew up in Bradenton and graduated from Manatee HS. I attended the University of Florida where I studied archaeology and biology. I worked for the UF Museum as well as different cultural resource management companies after graduation and traveled the Southern U.S. and the Caribbean applying the skills I learned in college. I’m also a veteran of the US Air Force and served in Afghanistan during 2002 as an aeromedical evacuation technician EMT. 

Many people, such as my parents, coaches, teachers and professors, have influenced my career and life path. It wasn’t until the early 1990’s, when a Principal by the name of Lionel “Skeeter” Keys said I might make a decent teacher after he observed me substituting, that I considered making a career change to Education.  

As teachers, we spend a lot of time with our students during their formative years. It’s important to provide the stability and guidance that many need to become responsible, productive members of their communities. 

I’ve learned the impression a teacher has on a young mind and life can be long-lasting. I want my students to realize how much control they can have over their own lives by thinking and acting on positive, effective solutions to problems they encounter every day.Being able to hear from former students who tell me they remembered specific lessons I taught and how they successfully applied that knowledge later in life...well that’s a victory greater than any paycheck! 

Of all the things I’ve learned over the years, I’m most surprised to realize that humans are capable of being both painfully fragile as well as exceptionally durable. Teachers accept the responsibility of creating a safe, healthy and positive learning environment for EVERY student who walks through their door regardless of the child’s state of being. We expect the unexpected. Surprises are around every corner as part of the job and I couldn’t be happier!