• We welcome the opportunity to work with students, parents and teachers to help students be successful at SSMS. The guidance department offers many services and our open door policy makes it easy to contact us for assistance.


    COUNSELING: We counsel with students who are having problems at home or school. We explore with the students, teachers and parents other resources that students may need to help them improve or cope with their issues. Examples of issues that are typical for school counseling are unsatisfactory grades, peer relationships, hygiene, excessive absences from school, teacher/student conflicts, study skills, health problems or home/sibling conflicts. If counseling reveals that a student needs more intensive counseling than is available at school, referrals may be suggested to the student and parents.

    REFERRALS: When students are having difficulties in school, whether it’s a result of academic or behavioral problems, a referral may be initiated. This referral process (Multi-Tiered Support System) may be initiated by a parent or the student’s teacher. The purpose of this referral is to determine if the student needs further assistance to be successful among their peers.

    SUICIDE SCREENING: Students sometimes find that the issues in their lives are more than they can cope with at the time. Students who express ideas that they want to end their life because they feel too much pain are taken very seriously. Often times these students are referred by other students or themselves. If the student says that they have tried to harm themselves or planning to, then a referral is made to the school psychologist, immediately. If the student is in immediate danger, the resource or law enforcement officer will assess the student. The officer will have to Baker Act the student and transport them to LifeStream if they tell them that they are suicidal. We always try to involve the parent in this process.

    Our counseling department is very eager to work with you. Please contact us if you have any needs that we can help you.

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    Mrs. Keri Strickland

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    Guidance Clerk 

    Becky Knight

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