Student Services and Assessment Department

  • With the Covid-19 Pandemic, EOC’s for the 19-20 school year were waived by the Governor.  However, this did not waive the requirement of passing certain EOC’s for graduation and/or scholar diploma designation purposes.  As a result, pending Board approval, Sumter District Schools are offering a virtual distance learning review, followed by on site testing in July for the students impacted by these requirements*.   Our recommendation is that any student, grades 8-11, who have not taken and passed the Algebra EOC should do so for graduation purposes.  Any student who is pursuing the scholar diploma designation, meaning they have received a score of 3 or higher on every EOC beyond algebra, should take the EOC for the course in which they are currently enrolled (Geometry, Biology, US History). Please contact your school if you have further questions about your child’s specific situation.


    Algebra Grad Camp Registration  Inforamtional Flyer


    Scholars Designation Grad Camp Registration  Informational Flyer