• Be a School Volunteer



    *Important Disclaimers

    • All applicants must complete the application online
    • In order for us to conduct a proper background check, a social security number and proper identification (i.e. driver’s license/ Florida ID) is required during the application process
    • All applicants who are interested in a Level 2 status must complete a background check with fingerprinting through our personnel department
    • It will take approximately 2 - 4 weeks for applications to be board approved

    Volunteer Application

    All persons wishing to become a Volunteer for Sumter County Schools must have an application and background clearance on record before attending an event or working in the classroom. Criminal Background screening is done every 3 years. Click the link below to complete the online volunteer application. Notice of use of Social Security numbers: a) Background/Employment as required by Florida State Statute 1012.56; b) verification of identity.

    Volunteer Level 1 and Level 2

    Depending on the need(s) at a school or function, a volunteer may be designated as a Level 1 volunteer or Level 2 volunteer.

    Level I Volunteers

    FDLE background clearance required.

    Duties assigned within the presence of a Sumter County School employee may include, but not be limited to: chaperoning daytime group field trips, being a helper in a classroom or at a school site, or being a helper in a department.

    If you have questions about your volunteer application, please contact the school which you wish to volunteer at and ask for the volunteer coordinator at that school.


    Level II Volunteers

    Fingerprinting is required to conduct a State and National background clearance.

    Duties as assigned outside the immediate presence of a Sumter County School employee such as, but not limited to, chaperoning, overnight field trips, mentoring, and volunteer coaches. Level II volunteers will be notified via email if fingerprint registration is necessary.


    1. Complete an online application available through SearchSoft

     **Note: If you have completed an employment application, you will need to create a new User ID and Password** 


    2. You will receive an email from the district regarding your application and volunteer level.

     **Note: If you have not received an email, log on to your online volunteer application and click the email history tab to obtain the email.**


    4. Log on to your online volunteer application for status approval OR contact your school of choice.

    To update or see the status of your application please visit the SearchSoft website.