• Dear parents and guardians,

                    Your child has reached an age when an important decision must be made, and that is; Do I want my child to achieve a well-rounded education and see that he/she learns to understand, enjoy, and participate in music? Band is much more than learning to play a musical instrument. It is the establishment of some rather profound environmental influences which will determine much of your child’s success in all aspects of education, not just in bands. Self– discipline, responsibility, creativity, social skills, cooperative learning, and much more are all nurtured through participation in a band. Numerous studies have proven that, in general, the students who enroll in a band will do better in their other classes, on SAT and FSA tests, and in life.

                   At South Sumter Middle School, the Beginning Band program is open enrollment and consists mainly of learning to play your instrument and includes two concerts. 

                    We also offer choral opportunities at SSMS, which include Beginning Choir and Concert Choir. All 6th grade students start in beginning choir and it is open enrollment.               

    Some Important Information About Instrument Rentals:

    • Instruments may be rented or purchased through www.musicarts.com (They visit our school) or purchased through another source that you may have. Please see or call me if you have your own instrument or will be purchasing it through a private owner. I would like to see the instrument you plan on buying.
    • Rental is between $20 and $35 per month for most instruments, which includes maintenance and repair insurance, and $35 or higher for saxophones and oboes, which also includes maintenance and repair insurance. Their website is www.musicarts.com and the store that services our areas phone number is (813) 643-4431. They are based out of Brandon, FL.
    • All rentals are done online, and can be delivered either to your home or school. They will be visiting my school once a week for any supplies you may purchase or repairs you need to send in. 


    I hope to see you next year for music classes. Please contact me if you have any questions.



    Cory J Lowery

    SSMS Music Director


    352-793-2232 Ext 71226