• Dress Code
    The dress of students shall not be extreme to the point of creating a hazard or causing a disturbance. For the safety of students, long dresses or skirts, high heels, thong shoes, sandals without back straps, and shoes without backs should not be worn. Skate shoes are not allowed. Trench coats are not allowed. Any slogans or pictures on clothing that are offensive to others, endorse tobacco, alcohol or inappropriate, violent, or obscene behavior will not be acceptable. Hair, nails or other body adornments that are disruptive are not acceptable. The final decision on what is inappropriate is left to the discretion of the teacher and/or school administrator.

    Examples of Appropriate Dress

    Button-up; pull over, long/short/sleeveless, appropriate pictures and/or logos. Shirts and blouses must be of a length that can be tucked into pants, shorts or skirts. Non-appropriate: tank tops, strapless or spaghetti straps, midriff blouses, shirts with inappropriate/gross/obscene/violent slogans or pictures.

    Skirts, dresses, and shorts must be no higher than the length of a dollar bill above the knee (Grades 3-5) and no longer than the tops of students’ shoes. This includes pants with rips and tears in them. Pants must be worn around the waist to cover underwear. If necessary, a belt should be worn. Appropriate undergarments must be worn as needed.

    All shoes should be closed at the back or be held on with a strap. Ex: sandals, tennis shoes, boots, dress shoes (without high heels). Non-appropriate: flip-flops or thong type sandals, high heels, baseball cleats, shoes with no backs, and shoes with skate wheels.
    Students are required to wear athletic shoes with rubber soles for PE class. Students attend PE every day.

    Miscellaneous Safety Reminders:
    Please do not allow your child to wear fake (press-on) nails. Body glitter, tattoos, gel bracelets, make-up and perfumes are not allowed. For safety reasons we discourage backpacks on wheels. Students may wear hats and hoodies, however, both should be removed from head when entering a school building.