• 6th Grade ELA Syllabus 2018-2019             Instructor:  Mrs. Jennifer Williams 


    Hello and welcome to Language Arts with Mrs. Williams!  Each minute I have with you is very important therefore I am providing this syllabus to you to help establish expectations and guidelines for our class.   



    6th Grade ELA is designed to provide students with opportunities and resources to cultivate their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills that are necessary for FSA examinations, Florida standards and their post-secondary lives. This course promotes independency, collaboration, and life-long learning skills for success. Instruction provides students with the necessary skills to read and analyze critically while writing various genres. 

    Classroom Rules 

    • Come to class prepared to learn with all your materials 
    • Listen and follow instructions the first time 
    • Respect others and show kindness 
    • Give me 100% effort 


    Grading Scale 

    • 55% Major Assignments (Projects, Quizzes, Exams, AR, Binder checks, Planner checks)
    • 35% Minor Assignments (classwork)
    • 10% Other (groupwork,homework,etc...) 



    Tardiness will not be accepted. If tardy, students are to go immediately to the office for a pass and then come to class. Students are responsible for work missed. 


    Excused Absence 

    Students with an excused absence have the number of days absent to make up the assignment. It is the student’s responsibility to get and complete the missed assignments. Students should look in the assignments folder for the missing assignment, seek help from a classmate, or ask the teacher. Any assignment not turned in by the end of the excused absence grace period will be considered late.  


    Late Work 

    Assignments are due at the beginning of the class period on the assigned due date. Failure to turn in assignments at the beginning of class will result in the work being counted as late. Late work may be turned in up to three days past the due date for a point deduction on that assignment as follows: 1 day late: 10 points, 2-3 days late: 50% credit.  Work will not be accepted for credit after 3 days.  



    Integrity is being honest and having strong moral principles. This means that the work students complete will be their own. Learning does not happen by copying. Learning happens by cognitive, behavioral, and verbal engagement. Students will be accountable for their assignments. CHEATING/PLAGARISING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Violators will receive a zero for the assignment and a long form will be issued. 


    Laptop Use 

    Each student will be assigned a specific laptop from the class set to use during class. The student is responsible for the laptop while in use for the duration of the class period each day. If a student notices ANY damage to the laptop, it must be reported to the teacher IMMEDIATELY. While using the laptops, students are expected to be on task and fully engaged. If a student is found to be off-task while on the computer a warning will be issued followed by a referral upon a repeated infraction. 



    Students are responsible for their learning by ensuring they have the required materials and engaging in learning. Even though students are not responsible for the learning of others, off-task behavior can impede the learning of others. Off-task behavior disrupts the classroom learning environment and will not be tolerated. Students who are absent are responsible for their missing work. Assignments are provided for students when the teacher is absent and students will be held accountable for those tasks.  


    Cell Phones/Electronic Devices 

    Cell phones/electronic devices are not to be used or seen in class or school.  Cell phones will be confiscated and school policy will be followed. 



    Students are required to read and test on AR books. AR is homework and students are required to do the reading at home and to take the test at school.    Other homework may include work that is not finished in class, writing, and studying.  Please check your student’s planners as they are to write their assignments down.