Using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint- tips

  • Image icons for Word, Excel and PowerPoint 

    Below are a collection of tips to help teachers utilize the Office products.
  • 1. Reading and ELA teachers often use line numbers to refer to a portion of a reading passage.  If the passage is created in Word, a user can add line numbers to the passage with several steps.  Use the following steps found in this PDF.

                        Add line numbers in Word to sections of text


    2. Math teachers can reinforce key math concepts by creating a math maze in Word. After opening Word, simply click File, then New, and search "math maze" in templates.  After opening the existing template, a teacher can modify by the factor that you are teaching to customize for your class need.

                     Example maze for factor seven

    3.  Make knowledge checks and test reviews fun with a Jeopardy game in PowerPoint. Lessons become fun as soon as they become a game. With an easy template from PowerPoint Online, available through Office 365, teachers can setup a Jeopardy game to make test review something to which students look forward.

                    Jeopardy PowerPoint example


    4. Use Excel to keep track of various needs.

        a) Keep track of budget needs and results from school fundraisers with this budget template.  Fundraisers can get complicated.  Simplify with this template pre-populated with formulas and fields to keep track of revenue, expenses, progress, and more.  To get started in Excell, go to File and New to search for "fundraiser budget" in templates.  Select the one that comes up.

                     Fundraiser budget example

         b)  Design and maintain a club budget using Excel.  Running a school club takes time, and it's importain to stay on top of the budget.  Keep track of dues, fundraisers, and donations while tracking yearly expenses wth this budget template from Excel Online. 

                    Club budget example

          c)   Keep track of your professional development in this activity log in Excel.  If you have a list of lessons or courses, it's easy to keep track of progress using this Excel spreadsheet containing a training log, course list, and personnel information.  To access in Excel, click on File, then choose New, and search "training log" in templates.

                    Professional development training log