• Algebra 1

    All students must pass the Algebra I End of Course Exam, that is given in May. This must be passed in order to earn the Algebra I credit and the credit must be earned in order to graduate.

    It is best for students to work  hard while in Algebra I so that they can pass the Algebra EOC the first time they take it.  We work all year learning the material that will be tested so that students will be prepared to earn that passing score.  Students can use www.algebranation.com to view extra videos and do extra practice to help in the preparation also.  The program was designed by UF students to specifically help Algebra I students in Florida. 

    Earth- Space Science 
    This course counts as a science credit, one of three science credits needed for graduation. This course covers the study of our universe and Earth's many systems. It builds on the material that the students learned in middle school and makes a good introductory science course for high school freshman.