Please be aware that route changes may occur during the year. We will attempt to update these as soon as possible after receiving new route documents.

    All bus stop times are approximate as many variables (trains, traffic, traffic lights, etc.) may shift times on any given day.  For the first week of school, please be at your stop at least 10 minutes prior to the estimated pick-up and drop-off times.  As the routes become more stable, the times will become more accurate for your stop.  For pre-k and kindergarten parents, please have someone at the bus drop-off that is on the approved pick-up list in your school office.  Any questions about your stop or times should be directed to the Transportation Office at 793-5705.

    You can find your child's bus stop location, pick up and drop off times by visiting our transportation program here VersaTrans. Students that were not bus riders from previous years may not automatically have a route assigned. 

    School  Request for Off Campus Activity or Field Trip  ( PP-SS-032)  
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