• What is a Positive Behavior System (PBS)?


    Positive behavior support is a research-based proactive approach for handling classroom and school campus behaviors.  When the children are “caught being good” on campus they receive a Sunshine Dollar to reinforce good behavior.  The children then have the opportunity to spend their Sunshine Dollars on various prizes.

    Our Webster School Pledge represents our guiding principles for student behavior.

    Show respect

    Have a positive attitude

    Inspire others

    Nurture my education

    Endeavor to do my best

    Strive for safety 


    Bus Rules: 

    Stay in your seat and keep your seatbelt fastened.

    Hold back until the aisle is clear before you get up.

    Immediately follow the bus driver’s directions.

    Never talk back.

    Enter and exit the bus quietly and in an orderly manner.

    Show respect.



    Show respect to others

    Hands to yourself and keep moving

    I will not crowd other students

    Never run

    Every rolling book bag must be behind you

    Stay on the blue or yellow line when you walk somewhere



    Use your inside voice.

    Eat your own food.

    When lights are off, you must remain seated and quiet.

    Clean up around your plate.

    Leave your seats only with permission.