Important Information for Staff Using Web Access to Email

We are currently in the process of upgrading our e-mail system. Most E-Mail accounts have been moved to the new system. There are a few accounts that will require a little extra transition time that fall outside the standard specifications.

Web access to e-mail for users other than those with Blackberry devices attached to your e-mail or that recieve different information from our department related to your account:

Please use the link under the Teacher & Staff menu at the top of the website pages for Web Email Access. It is important that you precede your account with sumter\ (e.g. sumter\doej).on the login page. Please note, if you have previously created a favorites link or shortcut to the old web email location, it will need to be redone. The direct link to the new Outlook Web Access location is: .

Also please be aware you may encounter a warning that states "There is a problem with this website's security certificate." This is a temporary situation that will occur during this period of transition. Please verify that "" appears in the address bar and select, "Continue to this website."

If you have difficulty accessing your email account following the transition, please first verify you are entering your username preceded by "sumter\" , as in sumter\doej. Also verify you are entering your password correctly. If you still are unable to log in to your Sumter email account but have access to another email account, please contact us at with the following information:
1) Your sumter email account name, 2) Your work center site, 3) The wording of any error message you may have received and 4) If you are a regular user of web based email (i.e. you have been checking email web based previously to this transition). If you do not have other email access, you can call 352-793-2315 extension 264 or 296.


Web access to e-mail for userswith Blackberry devices attached to your e-mail:

Due to the additional processes and the need to transition all Blackberry devices within the same time frame, we will wait to transition your accounts until we can schedule the Blackberry transitions. Additionally, due to new quota management, extremely large email files will need to be cleaned up prior to transitioning. Since most of these accounts belong to Blackberry users, please work to delete older emails that are no longer pertinent. Please do not forget your sent email folder when attempting to bring your mailbox into manageable sizes.


Other Users:

There are a few accounts that due to size were not successfully transitioned. If you are one of these users, technical personnel will contact you and make arrangements to assist you in reducing the size of your mailbox.