Parent & Student Access to Student Grade Reports


The teachers of Sumter County use Pinnacle Global Scholar Grade Book Program. The Internet Viewer allows parents and students to stay aware of their performance in class.

In order to safeguard your family's privacy, One must contact your school to receive your username and password.


  • The Grade Book Internet Viewer allows access to confidential student information. Caution must be exercised in order to maintain the confidentiality of student records and information.

  • The Sumter County School District is not responsible for disclosure of confidential student information caused by inadequate protection of pin numbers and passwords by students, parents or guardians.

  • This resource is for informational purposes and changes frequently as teachers update grade data. Final and official grades will be printed on the student's report card at the end of each grading period. Refer to the School Calendar for report card dates.

  • Transfer Grades from other schools are not reflected in the Parent Viewer but are entered into the student’s academic history in the district’s student information system and will be reflected in the official student transcripts.

  • Attendance data may be documented in the Grade book Internet Viewer as tracked by the teacher for informational purposes only. The student's official school attendance data is available from the school and will be printed on the final report card.

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